Character: Wonder Woman

wonder woman cosplay gallery

I gotta admit, I never found Wonder Woman cosplay all that hot, the original actress was smoking hot but she had the body and cuteness to pull it off. Most women just don’t have the body shape… that being said, I’ve recently come across some truly impressive Wonder Woman cosplay and my opinion has changed. So lets have a look shall we?

If you’re curious about her background: Wonder Woman (created in 1941) is an Warrior Princess from the Amazon and has the most ridiculous special items I’ve ever heard of, a Lasso of Truth, unbreakable bracelets and a tiara she threw. Now lets get to the pics.

Wonder Woman Cosplay Photo Gallery

wonder woman cosplay by ivettepuig
Cosplayer: Ivettepuig – Photpgraper: Hidrico

Katie Cosplays as Wonder Woman
Cosplayer: Katie Cosplays

wonder woman cosplay
Cosplayer: Meagan Marie – Photographer: Andrew Ho

Callie cosplaying as Wonder Woman
Cosplayer: Callie Cosplay – Photographer: David Love – Make Up: Elia Lizcano

wonder woman cosplay3
Cosplayer: Oniksiyasofinikum – Phhotography: Just Moolti

Margie Cox cosplayer
Cosplayer: Margie Cox – Photographer: Moshunman

wonder woman cosplay by ivettepuig
Cosplayer: Ivettepuig – Photpgraper: Hidrico

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