Weisa resting at school desk

This is some of the best Cosplay I’ve seen from China. Weisa is a cosplay girl who is super cute and is only really active on China’s social network Weibo, which means it’s kind of hard to keep track of her latest pics… but despite that I’ve managed to discover Weisa’s hottest photos.

I wouldn’t say any of her photos are super-sexy but they’re definitely pretty… and show off how cute Weisa is.

Weisa in the pool in bikini

Sailor Weisa

Weisa and her girl friend doing cosplay

sexy stockings Weisa

Weisa and her friend doing cosplay together

Weisa in Neon Genesis Evangalion cosplay

Weisa in swimming costume

hot cosplay girl weisa

hot cosplay girl weisa11

Weisa looks off into the distance

hot cosplay girl weisa

Weisa looking innocent

Short shorts weisa

Schoolgirl Weisa and boyfriend

Weisa hot cosplay

Weisa in stockings

Weisa in kyoko sakura cosplay

Weisa in green school uniform

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