The Top 10 Most Popular Cosplay Girls

Katarina from League of Legends cosplay by Tasha

I thought it would be great to list your favorite cosplay girls based on the rating system (the stars you see at the end of every post).

I’ll be listing the cosplay girls in reverse order from 10 to 1, the highest has the most 10 out of 10 star votes. Now I know you can see who has the highest rating on the menu bar but it’s still great to have a look at each of their photos, so you can decide for yourself if these truly are the top 10 hottest cosplay girls in the world.

10. Airi

Yuri Kuma Arashi cosplay by aira
Photographer: Garam & Dallcosplay by aira
Photographer: Crimson Blue

9. Jas Frost

Kill La Kill cosplay costume by Jas Frost
Photography by: Envytheone on Deviantart

Riven Battle Bunny cosplay by Jas Frost
Photography by Giorgy Siradze

8. Luna Lanie

bikini Morrigan cosplay from Dragon Age

Luna Lanie dressed as Caitlyn from League of Legends

7. Super Mary Face

Super Mary Face in Hatsune Miku cosplay

Super Mary Face selfie

6. Stephanie Alicia

Stephanie Alicia in awasteland

Stephanie Alicia up close

5. Misa

Asuna costume

Shakugan no Shana costume

4. Kayla Erin

lollipop chainsaw cosplay

Pokemon misty cosplay by Kalya Erin

3. Saku Ayaka

Saku Ayaka dressed as Ayane from dead or alive

Saku Ayaka in hot costume

2. Arai Yomi

arai yomi cosplay

arai yomi with headphones

1. Tasha

Lapis cosplay by Tasha, from the game Million Arthur.

The Castle cosplay by Tasha

And that’s all we have today! I completely understand why Tasha would be the most loved cosplay girl her costumes are exquisite, she shows some really impressive underboob and she’s just an absolutely beautiful girl.

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