leotard cammy costume by cosplayer Beke


There are very, very few cosplay girls who can make absolutely any cosplay costume look hot, and I mean very, very few. The Cammy…



South Korea does an excellent job in berthing impeccable cosplayers and Rato is a great example of this.

Joanie Brosas hottie in Lara Croft cosplay costume

Joanie Brosas

Cuteness and sexiness in one toned, tanned package. Joanie Brosas is a beautiful model who does a lot of ero-cosplay. What’s ero-cosplay? Well it’s cosplay…

hot cosplay girl kibashi lying down


Well hello there Kibashi, you really are one incredibly hot cosplay girl. Kibashi is another Japanese cosplay girl with a heavy presence online, she…

BJB DOD cosplay costume by cosplay Faid Eyren

Faid Eyren

The beautiful city of Odessa in the Ukraine is the birthplace of the incredibly cute and hot cosplay girl Faid Eyren. Her latest cosplay costume…

Ushijima seifuku pantsu cosplay

Iiniku Ushijima – Part 2

My first article on Iiniku Ushijima was so hugely popular I had to do part 2. Iiniku Ushijima is the perfect example of an ‘ero-cosplay…

Bikini Suwako Cosplay

Touhou Project

Normally hot-cosplaygirls is all about profiling cosplay girls, but today’s cosplay girl doesn’t have a name (I can’t find a thing) or even any…

Li Ling in lingerie

Li Ling

I featured Li Ling on my other website but it turns out she loves to do cosplay so I’m going to have to add…

Saku Ayaka in hot costume

Saku Ayaka

Saku Ayaka is what I like to call a ‘cleavage specialist’. She makes incredibly accurate cosplay costumes and adds in some hot cleavage for…

Necoco on the bed


It’s a tough job sometimes, and by that I mean fantastic and exhausting. Today I searched through over 3,000 of Necoco’s pics to find…