dead or alive

Saber alter from Fatestay night

Jean WanWan

I thought I knew all of the most beautiful cosplayers in the world… I was mistaken.

Dead or Alive cosplay by Lady Lemon

Lady Lemon

When a girl manages to amass 150,000 followers on facebook and has a name as bad as Lady Lemon, you kinda sit up and…

Arisa Mizuhara in nanako cosplay

Arisa Mizuhara

There seems to be two fairly popular cosplay girls called Arisa, one is an American girl who’s kinda sweet and has been cosplaying for two…

Cammy from Street Fighter by Raychul Moore - Photo by Rick Basaldua

Raychul Moore

Raychul Moore is a really beautiful blonde who has a nerd-coolness level of 10! She keeps Kratos (God of War) swords in her kitchen,…

shadow lady manga costume by Aura Rinoa

Aura Rinoa

Aura Rinoa has been cosplaying for 11 years! She’s an Italian girl, 28 and a freelance designer and she’s put those design skills to…


A Taiwanese cosplay girl who really gets into her anime characters, using loads of makeup to look almost non-human. She’s one of the most…

dead or alive kasumi cosplay by sofi at the beach

Sofi (from the Ukraine)

Sofi is a very hot western cosplayer from the Ukraine who gets her pics out there through Deviantart. Her most well known cosplay costume…

hot cosplay girl kipi in cleaner uniform.

Spotlight on: Kipi

One very well known hot cosplay girl is the Japanese girl: Kipi, her unofficial Facebook Fan-Page has 47,000 likes and is raising daily and the only official website…