Mileena costume

Jada Garcia

Jada is a super cute American cosplay girl with a collection of fantastic photos. She’s most active on Deviantart (now defunct) and has hundreds…

rin higarushi side boob

Rin Higarushi

Rin Higarushi has taken hundreds of cosplay photos and some look great and a lot look… just a bit too try hard. When she…

hini tsuburagi dressed as kasumi from dead or alive

Hini Tsuburagi

It’s our first spanish cosplayer today with Hini Tsuburagi showing off some incredible outfits. She mainly shows her pics on Deviantart, so you can…

The girls from the web series Heroine Dreams show off at Wondercon 2013.

WonderCon 2013 Cosplay Girls

I totally hate this guys over-enthusiastic interview style, but the cosplay girls he talks to are incredible. Check out the girls of WonderCon 2013.

hot cosplay girl linda le

Linda Le

Linda Le (also known as Vampy) is a genuine cosplay geek who looks fantastic in absolutely anything and loves her gundams. Check out her…

Stella Chuu dressed as Inori Yuzuriha

stella chuu

Stella Chuu is a big busted Cosplay girl who’s actual job is: Burlesque dancer, which is pretty awesome. She’s best known for her Ivy…

neneko in maid uniform


Neneko is an incredibly pretty Taiwanese Cosplay girl, though most of the characters she dresses up as, I totally don’t recognize. I guess she…