LeeAnna Vamp as Ash Williams from the evil dead

LeeAnna Vamp

I’m very intrigued by LeeAnna Vamp, she’s a cosplayer and gamer but also a self confessed Vamp… yes I had no idea what a Vamp…

Lyz Brickley photo gallery

Lyz Brickley

Lyz Brickley is a little different than most of the cosplay girls I have on this site, she’s not this busty, cutey oozing sex…

Schoolgirl Werewolf cosplay video

Video: Schoolgirl Werewolf

Finally a half-decent cosplay girl video. Here we have a sweet and cute cosplay girl in her schoolgirl werewolf costume. There really are very…

Sena Kashiwazaki cosplay by Neneko

Neneko (Part 2)

I don’t generally feature a cosplay girl more than twice, but Neneko is constantly churning out fresh new, incredibly hot cosplay photos, so I…

Sarah Fong photo gallery

Sarah Fong

Sarah Fong is a western girl who’s a hardcore anime fan, all her clothes and accessories seem to be anime inspired and she’s also…

Jaina Proudmoore cosplay from World of Warcraft

Natasha Firsakova

Russian cosplay is fairly unknown around the world, but there are lots of beautiful Russian cosplayers, they even have their own cosplay conventions, plus the World…

Kanda Laam inNeko cosplay

Kanda Laam

Hot cosplay girl Kanda Laam is one of the most popular girls on World Cosplay, her Morgiana from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic cosplay costume is…

Miyo in hot Catherine cosplay


Hot cosplay girl MiYo is a Korean girl with an incredible skill. She makes truly impressive cosplay costumes many of which exude a real sensuality….

Yoko Littner cosplay up close

Katyuska MoonFox

Katyuska MoonFox (also known as MoonFoxUltima on Deviantart) is a fledgling hot cosplay girl. She’s only just 20 and her cosplay costume collection is fairly small,…

Shermie dressed as Ada Wong from Resident Evil


Gabriela Almeida also known as Shermie, is an incredibly beautiful cosplay girl from Brazil. The best place to find Shermie’s latest pics is on…