Hane Ame in Ahri cosplay costume

Hane Ame

I’m always glad when incredibly beautiful cosplayers let me post their photos on my site and thankfully Hane Ame has just let me do…

leotard cammy costume by cosplayer Beke


There are very, very few cosplay girls who can make absolutely any cosplay costume look hot, and I mean very, very few. The Cammy…

Hestia from Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka by saida


The word pure comes to mind when I think about Saida. She can be sexy but her look it just so damn sweet she’s mesmerizing.

Doremi dressed as Akali from League of Legends


Twenty three year old, beautiful, busty Cosplayer Doremi is a member of the professional Korean cosplay team: Spiral Cats(now defunct). Her cosplay costumes and…

Princess Shirahoshi from One Piece cosplay

Misa – Part 2

I previously featured Misa but she’s such a beautiful, busty girl and she’s been churning out awesome new cosplay so I thought it was…

The hottest Litchi Faye Ling girl

Ying Tze

Wow, Ying Tze is awesome. She is a social media ninja with her own Blog, Deviantart, World Cosplay, Twitter and of course, don’t forget the Ying Tze Facebook which has already reached…

Super cute with lollipop


Misa from Taiwan has thousands of followers on her World Cosplay page and includes some really nicely photoshopped pics, blending anime and cosplay very…