Character: Rikka Takanashi

hot Rikka Takanashi cosplay

I can’t find any stand-out hot cosplayers today, so I thought instead I would feature an anime character. I’ve discovered the best cosplay costume photos of Rikka Takanashi an unusual anime girl in uniform who covers her magic eye with an eyepatch (though it’s secretly just a normal eye underneath with a colored contact lens).

Rikka Takanashi is very cute and the resulting cosplay costumes are eye popping. You might also recognize Iiniku Ushijima in a couple of the photos below, who I feature frequently here on hot-cosplaygirls.

Check out the Rikka Takanashi Cosplay Photo Gallery:

Rikka Takanashi Cosplay bikini

Iiniku Ushijima cosplaying as  Rikka Takanashi

cute Rikka Takanashi girl Rikka Takanashi Cosplay on the sofa   Rikka Takanashi cosplayer, playing with eye patch  Iiniku Ushijima cosplaying as  Rikka Takanashi Rikka Takanashi on the couch Rikka Takanashi Cosplay

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