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Marie Claude photo gallery

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

Professional model, cosplayer, fashion  and costume designer, Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is a very talented girl. She’s also incredibly busty which is a very large reason why…

beauitful Alexa Poletti as a blonde

Alexa Poletti

Cuteness and sweetness are two words to describe self titled ‘Alternative Model’: Alexa Poletti. What is an alternative model? Well they basically have a lot of…

Sena Kashiwazaki cosplay by Neneko

Neneko (Part 2)

I don’t generally feature a cosplay girl more than twice, but Neneko is constantly churning out fresh new, incredibly hot cosplay photos, so I…

Chrome Dokuro cosplay costume


Kamemeko also known as Anly Zhang is such a pure Taiwanese beauty with the nicest legs in the world. She appears to be half…

poison cosplay costume by Crystal Graziano

Crystal Graziano

Crystal Graziano is one busty, blonde with a petite, toned body. She’s got 6 pack abs and almost G cups… nature really is a…

Sarah Fong photo gallery

Sarah Fong

Sarah Fong is a western girl who’s a hardcore anime fan, all her clothes and accessories seem to be anime inspired and she’s also…

Super Mary Face in Hatsune Miku cosplay

Super Mary Face

An Australian living in Los Angeles model who is also partial to hot cosplay is Super Mary Face… which is kind of an odd name……

hot Rikka Takanashi cosplay

Character: Rikka Takanashi

I can’t find any stand-out hot cosplayers today, so I thought instead I would feature an anime character. I’ve discovered the best cosplay costume…

Danielle Beaulieu

Twenty two year old, New Hampshire (U.S.) model and cosplayer Danielle Beaulieu is seriously talented. She makes incredible and sexy cosplay costumes and has…

black cat lingerie shoot

Black Cat

Sydney Australia is where today’s hot cosplay girl comes from. She’s a beautiful tall blonde who has a great body for cosplay.

Jadababy in princess Leia costume


I’ve previously profiled Jada Garcia (who now goes by the nickname Jadababy) but she’s such an active cosplay I thought it was time to show off her latest…

Kotori Minami cosplay by Ahnim


Ahnim is so pure beauty in every sense. She has so much character in her face that every photo tells a different story, she’s…