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Raychul Moore in princess Leia gold bikini

Character: Princess Leia

Of all the cosplay costumes in the world I would say the Princess Leia gold bikini is the most popular.  It’s just a really…


Interesting, French, sweetness is how I would describe Ainlina. Her cosplay is top quality and her smile is super alluring.

Mrs Bani in Akali cosplay


Bani is one very busty girl and she loves to show it, she’s a huge gamer and loves dressing up as various virtual characters -mainly…

Stephanie Alicia in awasteland

Stephanie Alicia

I’m not sure how to describe Stephanie Alicia, she loves to dress up in various costumes, some cosplay, some are just fancy dress but all…

Sailor Mercury

Akira Itsuki

Wow!!! Akira Itsuki is so hot and cute I can barely breath. She recently posted a photo gallery of herself in various sailor moon…

A Diablo Crusader cosplay costume by Tasha

Tasha – Part 2

I try to only feature a cosplay girl once on but every now and then, there’s a cosplayer so hot, so famous and…

Satsuki Kiryuin cosplay by Alien Orihara

Alien Orihara

Alien Orihara is a perfect Russian beauty, her complexion is so pure and her cosplay costumes are tailored to an incredibly high quality which makes her…

Black Rabbit cosplay by Mai Hoang

Meimei Chibi

I like to mix naughtiness with sweetness on hot-cosplaygirls, so today we’re going super sweet… Buckets of cuteness is how I would describe Vietnamese…

Luna Lanie dressed as Caitlyn from League of Legends

Luna Lanie

Luna Lanie is a whole lot of sweetness. She classes herself as a “Video Game addict, Cosplayer and Disney lover”, she’s also cute, pretty…

Joanie Brosas hottie in Lara Croft cosplay costume

Joanie Brosas

Cuteness and sexiness in one toned, tanned package. Joanie Brosas is a beautiful model who does a lot of ero-cosplay. What’s ero-cosplay? Well it’s cosplay…

Doremi dressed as Akali from League of Legends


Twenty three year old, beautiful, busty Cosplayer Doremi is a member of the professional Korean cosplay team: Spiral Cats(now defunct). Her cosplay costumes and…

Rufflebutt cosplay as Cammy

RuffleButt (Jessie Pridemore)

What a weird nickname for a cosplayer? Her name is RuffleButt and she’s an American girl who’s incredibly pretty, blonde and sweet. Her cosplay is…