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Uten Mako in cosplay

Uten Mako

Uten Mako definitely takes cosplay to it’s most adult. Check out some of her best photos below… they left me speechless. She quite an…

Mussum in Pure Trance Cosplay


Mussum is one of the most popular Cosplay girls on the site World Cosplay. She’s colected almost 10 thousand likes on her page and…

alodia gosiengfiao as the baroness

Alodia Gosiengfiao

It’s our first Filipina cosplay girl on hot-cosplaygirls, Alodia Gosiengfiao has an incredibly hard name to spell and an incredibly beautiful look. She’s also…


A Taiwanese cosplay girl who really gets into her anime characters, using loads of makeup to look almost non-human. She’s one of the most…

aira reclines on a couch


There’s a small group of hot cosplayers at CosRain and I’ve already featured a few of them (Tasha and Kipi) but there’s a new…

aife dressed in Masuzu Natsukawa cosplay


Aife is just one of many cosplay girls at Worldcosplay (her account is now closed, sadly), the difference is she’s super hot and her…

A cute promo girl from Wondercon 2012 shows off in a bikini.

WonderCon 2012 Cosplay Girls

Yes this video is a year old but it’s just too good not to post. Check out the Cosplay girls from WonderCon 2012. The…

The girls from the web series Heroine Dreams show off at Wondercon 2013.

WonderCon 2013 Cosplay Girls

I totally hate this guys over-enthusiastic interview style, but the cosplay girls he talks to are incredible. Check out the girls of WonderCon 2013.

hot cosplay girl linda le

Linda Le

Linda Le (also known as Vampy) is a genuine cosplay geek who looks fantastic in absolutely anything and loves her gundams. Check out her…