Old Posts Updated

So a few of the older posts had images on another server which expired… which meant *gasp* the images died.  I’ve since re-uploaded as much as I could.

So if you’re after some incredible cosplay girls you may have missed out on (as they were broken) check the now fixed cosplay galleries below:

Asae Ayato

Asae Ayato Cosplay school uniform sexy

Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri Pokemon pikachu cosplay

Aza Miyuko

Aza Miyuko in school uniform


Koyuki Cosplaying as Mayoko Okino

Itsuki Akira

Cosplay girl Itsuki Akira in school uniform


Enako RIn in bikini

See it’s good to look back sometimes, there’s incredibleness in the Hot-CosplayGirl archives!

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