Oki-Cospi cosplay photo gallery

I was pondering whether to add Oki-Cospi to Hot Cosplay Girls but there’s just something about her that’s just so cute. She’s just a little, bouncy bundle of curves, lips and sweetness.

Oki-Cospi is an American cosplayer, student, artist and she’s a super talented costume maker. Which isn’t surprising considering she’s been cosplaying for years. Her Starfire cosplay costume is especially hot (it’s the one where she’s painted orange)!

Be sure to check out my photo gallery of Oki-Cospi below, photos include Super Sonico, Gurren Lagann Samus from Metroid and many more. You can also view her social media accounts for more great pics: Facebook, Deviantart, Twitter and Tumblr.

Oki-Cospi Cosplay Photo Gallery

Starfire cosplay by Oki-Cospi
Photohgraphy by: Shinigami-XA

Gurren Lagann by oki cupi

Gurren Lagann Cosplay

starfire cosplay by oki cospi
Photography by AS Photography

oki-cospi cosplay
Photography by Kings Cosplay

cute cosplay by Oki-Cospi

vocaloid cosplay by oki-cospi
Photography by Irevplu

Oki-Cospi by Rudi B Photography\
Photography by Rudi B Photography

oki-cospi blonde

Oki-Cospi without all the makeup and cosplay cotumes… she’s really hot!

Gurren Lagann by oki cospi

Gurren Lagann Cosplay

Samus Aran cosplay by Oki-Cospi
Image source: GCF Photography

That’s all the photos we have of Oki-Cospi but I would highly advise following her Facebook Gallery as every day that goes by she’s getting hotter and hotter and her costumes just get better. She’s a real star in the making.

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