A Taiwanese cosplay girl who really gets into her anime characters, using loads of makeup to look almost non-human.

She’s one of the most popular girls on and is a social media maniac with accounts on: facebookyoutube,  Cure and a blog.

View her best cosplay pics below including Ayane from Dead or Alive 5, Hatsune Miku, Mayoko Okino and more.

when they cry by mon


vocaloid costume

taiwan cosplay

sanka rea by mon

neko cosplay

mon in dead or alive ayane costume

mon dressed as yuno gasai

mayoko okino costume

yuno gasai cosplay by mon

yuno gasai by mon

mayoko okino costume and friend

mayoko okino by mon

karuta roromiya by mon

karuta roromiya by moin

kagura rsuchiumiya costume

hatsune miku costume

hatsune mika by mon

aria holmes kanzaki costume

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