Luna Lanie

Luna Lanie dressed as Caitlyn from League of Legends

Luna Lanie is a whole lot of sweetness. She classes herself as a “Video Game addict, Cosplayer and Disney lover”, she’s also cute, pretty and has some awesome curves.

She’s doing pretty well on Facebook, amassing 25 thousand followers so far and another 25 thousand on her Twitter but she still has a long way to go to  get as huge as other American, busty, petite cosplayers like Jessica Nigri.

Most importantly Luna Lanie’s cosplay costumes are incredibly made and really accentuate her curves. Check out a selection of her cosplay below which includes a really cool bikini Morrigan costume, and seriously eye popping Caitlyn from League of Legends costume.

Luna Lanie Photo Gallery

bikini Morrigan cosplay from Dragon Age

Super Sonico cosplay bikini
Image Source: AzHP Photography

Luna Lanie dressed as Caitlyn from League of Legends

Luna Lanie in final fantasy cosplaysexy cleavage selfie

Julier Starling - Lollipop Chainsaw cosplay costume Luna Lanie takes a busty selfie Luna Lanie takes a busty selfie

Luna Lanie cosplayleague of legends Christmas cosplay Luna Lanie dressed as Caitlyn from League of Legends Luna Lanie dressed as Caitlyn from League of Legends Luna Lanie in school uniform Luna Lanie takes a sexy selfie Luna Lanie as Ashe from League of Legends Luna Lanie modelling underwear  Luna Lanie cosplay costume

Yes the photos have finished, sorry, but before I end I need to post this really impressive Luna Lanie description from a random guy on tumblr called yourfriendlyneighbourhooddj.

“Luna Lanie may very well be every man’s ultimate fantasy woman. A sweet Southern belle with the face of an angel, beautiful blue eyes and the body of a goddess. And it can be truly said that she is truly a woman of many parts.

She’s a colossal uber-adorkable mega nerd who dances in her Batman undies while geeking out over Game of Thrones on a webcam chat. She’s a modern-day Lolita; a seductive, golden-haired temptress who commands your attention with undeniable charm and raw sex appeal that one cannot ignore or turn away from.

And finally, she is a cosplaying chameleon, representing so many cool characters from so many different fandoms! I long for the day when she decides to try out a Borderlands cosplay! I think she’d make an awesome Gaige, Moxxi or Lilith…..

And on top of all that, she’s just about the nicest person in the world to boot. She gives so much of herself and her time to her fans. I don’t know anyone else who opens up their life to her followers as much as she does.

“Perfect” isn’t quite the right word to describe her, but it’s the only word that exists in our lexicon that will do.

Much love, respect & a ton of e-hugs, kiddo! Can’t wait for the day I finally get to meet you in person!”

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