Kayla Erin

Pokemon misty cosplay by Kalya Erin

Soooo cute! Is how I would describe Kayla Erin. She’s an Australian cosplayer from Canberra… which is kinda well known for being a really boring place to live. Luckily she’s making that state a whole lot brighter which her super cute cosplay costumes.

Deviantart and Facebook is where you can source the latest pics of Kalya in costume.

Check out the Kayla Erin Cosplay Photo Gallery:
Harley Quinn cosplay selfie by Kayla ErinYuno Gasai cosplay costumeyuno gasai braKayla Erin morrigan selfielollipop chainsaw cosplayPokemon misty cosplay by Kalya ErinPokemon misty cosplay by Kalya ErinPokemon misty cosplay by Kalya Erinhot cosplay girl Kayla Erinlollipop chainsaw cosplayKayla Erin selfiehot cosplay girl Kayla Erinhot cosplay girl Kayla ErinKayla Erin in cosplay costume
Source: Beethy Photography

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