Kayla Erin

Kayla Erin as juliet starling

While wandering around the PAX gaming convention I noticed thousands of incredible cosplayers but one stood out among the rest, her name is Kayla Erin and she’s stunning.

Kayla Erin comes from Canberra and seems to love travelling the cosplay circuit, visiting all the conventions around Australia, showing off her incredible cosplay costumes. Her Kotobukiya Freddy Krueger cosplay is especially incredible as she’s got the perfect body to pull it off.

If you want to check out Kayla’s social media accounts, here’s her InstagramFacebook, Twitter and Deviantart.

Kayla Erin Cosplay Photo Gallery

friday 13th cosplay by Kayla Erin

kayla erin hot cosplay girl
Photographer: TeenageMutantNinjaBen

kayla erin in geek underwear
Photo by: Corduroy Photography

gurren lagan cosplay by kayla Erin

kayla erin elm street cosplay
Photo by: Beethy Photography

Lollipop chainsaw cosplay by Kayla Erin
Photographer: TeenageMutantNinjaBen

Kalya Erin in Freddy Krueger Cosplay

pantless cosplay selfie by Kayla Erin

Akame ge kill cosplay my Kayla Erin
Photo by: Decade Three Photography

kayla erin as misty kayla erin selfie

kayla erin as Super Girl
Photographer: TeenageMutantNinjaBen

kayla erin lingerie
Photo by: Corduroy Photography

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