Jessica Nigri (part 3)

Jessica Nigri Photo Gallery

Jessica Nigri is such a popular Cosplay girl I thought it was time for part 3 of my Jessica Nigri photo gallery. Though you should really check out part 1 and part 2 to experience the full awesomeness of this petite, blonde, busty girl.

Jessica’s official Facebook group is almost up to 3 million followers! Plus her Twitter is also pretty popular too and her instagram also has almost 1 million followers! She really is a social media powerhouse. Though it’s not surprising as she’s such a pretty girl and manages to churn out hundreds of sweet cosplay costumes, each more prettier than the last.

Check out my Jessica Nigri Cosplay Photo Gallery:

Jessica Nigri in hot cosplay outfit

Jessica Nigri in hot cosplay outfit

Here’s a Sexy Mario (I never thought I would ever type that) Costume:

Sexy Mario Cosplay costume

Busty cosplay from Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri cosplay hottie

Cosplay from the MMORPG Blade & Soul:

Jessica Nigri cosplay girl

Jessica Nigri cosplay girl

Jessica Nigri in her underwear

Jessica Nigri on the bed

Pokemon Umbreon Cosplay:

Pokemon Umbreon cosplay girl

Jessica Nigri in a Sailor Moon bikini:

Sailor Moon bikini cosplay from Jessica Nigri

Here’s also some Jessica Nigri selfies:

jessica nigri9

jessica nigri8

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