Jdoll in Elin cosplay from the game Tera

South Korean hottie JDoll, is one seriously active cosplay girl, she has hundreds of hot cosplay costumes with thousands of photos online.

Her Facebook page is especially active (with over 25,000 likes!) and contains an almost endless stream of top quality photos. The hottest of which are when she gets up and close and personal with her cosplay girlfriends (you might recognise Aza Miyuko who I’ve profiled previously)… so nice.

JDoll Cosplay Photo Gallery

Kill La Kill costumed friends
Jdoll in schoolgirl uniform

kill la kill hot costume

Hot police girl cosplay

sexy elf cosplay

sexy elf cosplay

hot Vocaloid girl

sexy maid costume

Hot cosplay girl JDoll in Shirayuri Hime

sexy nurse cosplay

Jdoll in schoolgirl uniform on the couch

hot cosplay girl as Lili from Tekken 5

hot Tera cosplay costume

Hot police girl cosplay

Jdoll in Akasha from Chaos Online costume

Hatsune Miku and Aza Miyuko modelling

Hatsune Miku and Aza Miyuko together

Jdoll in Blade and Soul cosplay

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