Jada Garcia

Mileena costume

Jada is a super cute American cosplay girl with a collection of fantastic photos. She’s most active on Deviantart (now defunct) and has hundreds of pics for you to peruse through.¬† Or you can just check out the hottest of her cosplay photos below, including Alice in Wonderland, Jessie from Toy Story and a sexy Mario costume… I never thought I would every say that.

Sexy mario cosplay

Tomb Raider cosplay costume

Sucker Punch costume.

Sexy lingerie of Jada Garcia

Toy story cosplay


velma from scooby doo cosplay outfit

Jada Garcia bikini selfie

Bikini shot of jada garcia

sexy bunny cosplay costume

sucker punch cosplay costume

velma cosplay costume

Supergirl cosplay costume

Sexy Snow White cosplay

Sexy Alice in wonderland

Hot Alice in wonderland costume.

bunny jada garcia

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