Enako in nurse cosplay uniform

This girl is dangerously pretty, a Japanese cosplay girl who’s photos are PG rated… but only just. Her name is Enako and seems to be very well known among Japanese cosplayers. She has also started a pop-group called Panache with 2 other well known cosplayers.

You can follow Enako on her Twitter and Instagram, both of which she updates frequently… in Japanese.

Check out some of her very hot cosplay outfits here:

Enako in nurse cosplay uniform

Enako at a cosplay convention in school uniform

Enako cosplaying in Guilty Gear costume

Enako cosplay in maid outfit


sexy maid cosplay by Enako

Enako cosplaying

Enako selfie portrait

Enako in nurse cosplay uniform

Enako cosplaying in hot uniform


Images source from: Lineblog/Enakorin

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