Ekiholic dressed in Shiro Cosplay Costume

A South Korean girl with one of the cutest faces I’ve ever seen, Ekiholic is one seriously sweet cosplay girl. Her 2 favorite social spaces are Twitter and Deviantart so go check them out for her latest pics.

The thing that makes her so interesting is her face is a blank slate, with a little make-up she can look like almost anybody, but despite that her beauty stands out no matter what.

She’s also a massive fan of the MOBA game League of Legends, so you’re going to especially love her Sona, Akali and Katarina cosplay costumes if you’re into LOL too.

Ekiholic making your heart melt in Heart Hunter cosplay

Ekiholic sweet and hot cosplay girl


Junkie Kisshou cosplay costume worn by Ekiholic Ekiholic looking super cute

Ekiholic in Heart hunter cosplay Ekiholic in LOL Sona cosplay  Ekiholic in hot Akali nurse cosplay Usada cosplay by Ekiholic ekiholic dressed as shiro Ekiholic as Rikkuu Ekiholic in cosplay costume Ekiholic in beautiful cosplay

Ekiholic Bless cosplay

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