Character: Yoko Littner

Yoko Littner Cosplay photo gallery

Here’s how to dress  as Yoko Littner, Bikini top, leather short shorts, red hair… that’s pretty much it. What this means is that the girls who dress as Yoko Littner always look incredibly hot.

So who is Yoko Littner? Well she’s the main female character of the TV anime series from 2007: Gurren Lagann. She’s kind, mature, caring, a fighter and has a huge cleavage. Check out a selection of cosplay girls dressed as the spicy and hot Yoko Littner below.

*All girls featured I have already profiled on this site, so just click the name above the photo to see a full photo gallery of them.

Yoko Littner Photo Gallery:

Enji Night

Enji Night as Yoko Littner

Midori Kanda

Midori Kanda as Yoko Littner

Sweet Angel

sexy Yoko Littner cosplay by sweet angel

Sarah Fong

Hot cosplay girl Sarah Fong as Yoko Littner

Yoko Littner cosplay

Katyuska MoonFox

Yoko Littner cosplay up close


Marie Claude Bourbonnais

Marie Claude Bourbonnais in yoko littner cosplay




Umi Kani

Umi Kani as Yoko Littner

Crystal Graziano

yoko littner cosplay bikini


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