Character: Princess Leia

Raychul Moore in princess Leia gold bikini

Of all the cosplay costumes in the world I would say the Princess Leia gold bikini is the most popular.  It’s just a really sexy and revealing costume that’s easy to create (compared to many other cosplay costumes).

The costume first appeared in Return of the Jedi. The big, slimy, brown, lecherous Jabba the Hutt had captured Princess Leia and turned her into his slave and forced her to wear a tiny, gold bikini for his enjoyment… and for all our enjoyment too. It was the first time we had seen Princess Leia in a sexual way and it was surprising and awesome in equal measure.

Lets check out a selection of beautiful cosplayers who’ve created their own Princess Leia gold bikinis and want to show them off.

Princess Leia Cosplay Photo Gallery:

Liz Katz

Liz Katz in Star Wars Princess Leia gold bikini

Liz Katz in Star Wars Princess Leia gold bikini

Meg Turney

Meg Turney in Princess Leia cosplay costume

Meg Turney in Princess Leia cosplay costume


Jadababy in princess Leia costume

Yaya Han –

Slave Leia (Princess of Alderaan) - Cosplay

2 Unnamed Cosplay Girls – Photographer: Michael Iacca

2 princess leia gold bikini girls by Micheal Iacca

Alessandra Torresani – Instagram – @bambolabambina

Alessandra Torresani as Princess Leia

Paula Labaredas – Instagram – @paulalabaredas

princess leia gold bikini cosplay

Giulia Vaiana – Photographer: STeamUP

steamup cosplay princess leia

Itty Bitty Geek – Photographer: Adam Patrick Murray

slave girl cosplay - Photographer adam patrick murray

Wow there’s some seriously beautiful Princess Leia cosplayers out there. I decided to make this part 1 as there’s so many more hot girls in gold bikini photos I need to show you. Keep checking back here at hot-cosplaygirls for more.

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