Character: Hanzo from Overwatch

Topless rinrin cosplay

OK I didn’t expect to see a hot Hanzo but it’s happened. Cosplayer RinRin who I think is Chinese based on her Weibo loves Overwatch, the FPS game from Blizzard and I’m not surprised it’s slowly becoming the most popular online game in the world!

Check out RinRin’s amazing Hanzo cosplay below.  And if you’ve no idea who Hanzo is, well he’s the Archer with a mysterious past… he’s also my absolute favorite character from Overwatch. He’s fun, skilled and tactical and RinRin is cute, sweet, supple and doesn’t mind showing her body… yay!

Hanzo Cosplay Photo Gallery

cute asian cosplayer RinRin Topless Hanzo cosplay Hot Hanzo archer girl cosplay Topless rinrin cosplay Sexy Hanzo cosplay Hanzo cosplay with bow and arrow Topless rinrin cosplay cute asian cosplayer RinRin

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