Captain Irachka

Photographer: Dmitriy Shitikov

Captain Irachka’s cosplay is truly stunning. She’s beautiful, the photos are great and the retouching is just aaaamazing!

Captain Irachka is a Russian model from Moscow who’s been cosplaying for roughly 5 years, she loves make-up, steampunk, dance and science, so she’s got depth then…  Plus she’s a stunning, busty blonde with pouty lips and big blue eyes… woah!

You can check out all of Captain Irachka’s outfits below. They include Supergirl, Misty from Pokemon, Babydoll from Sucker Punch, some steampunk, a dabble of lingerie and more.

I know you’ll want to see more, so head to her: InstagramFacebookDeviantart and VK plus you can support her cosplaying dreams on Patreon.

Captain Irachka Photo Gallery

supergirl cosplay by Captain Irachka
Photographer: Dmitriy Shitikov | Retouch: Alexander Vigura

Misty from Pokemon cosplay Photographer: GREED
Photographer: Greed

Captain Irachka Selfie

Captain Irachka in her underwear

Cyclone cosplay by Captain Irachka

steampunk captain irachka cosplay

Captain Irachka undressed in the forest
Special photoshoot for fantasy-book | Photographer: Denis Murin 

Black Widow and Psylocke:

Photographer: Dmitriy Shitikov

Babydoll from Sucker Punch:

sucker punch sexy cosplay by Captain Irachka
Photographer: Makar Vinogradov

Captain Irachka hot blonde pout

Sonya Blade:
Captain Irachka as Sonya Blade

selfie cosplay by Captain Irachka Captain Irachka in her underwear with girlfriend
Model: @shproton | photographer @egor_demidoff

Captain Irachka Selfie

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