Mrs Bani in Akali cosplay

Bani is one very busty girl and she loves to show it, she’s a huge gamer and loves dressing up as various virtual characters -mainly League of Legends- and also streams her own games through Twitch.

I think the thing that makes Bani stand out above other cosplayers is she has big eyes, she’s curvaceous but slim around the waist and Bani’s so damn cute too.  She also looks like she’s a mix of Caucasian and Asian, thought that might just be the make-up…

You can keep up-to-date with Mrs Bani on her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or you can check out her hottest pics below.

Bani Cosplay Photo Gallery

Mrs Bani LOL cosplay

Bani in Nidalee Cosplay

Mrs Bani busty selfie

Mrs Bani modelling

Bani in Cloud 9 jumper.

Mrs Bani hot cosplayer

Mrs Bani cosplay

Mrs Bani as Miss Riven cosplay

Bani dressed as Battle Riven.

Mrs Bani cute selfie

Mrs Bani in Akali cosplay

Bani in Akali cosplay

Mrs Bani busty Teemo cosplay selfie

Bani selfie in Teemo hat.

Mrs Bani in Akali cosplay

Mrs Bani in Nidalee LOL cosplay

Mrs Bani selfie

Mrs Bani busty cosplay selfie

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