Bunny costume cosplay by Airi

Woooo this girl is incredible, Airi is one of the very many talented Korean cosplayers out there but what makes her stand out is her purity.

She’s just an exquisite, perfect specimen of beauty. Her Black Hanekawa cosplay costume from the Monogatari anime series is a perfect example of this… yes it’s basically just her in a bra on a motorcycle… but it’s still incredible!

The main place to see all of Airi’s latest cosplay photos is on her FacebookWorld Cosplay, Korean Blog or you can just scroll below for a selection of her hottest pics.

Cosplay costumes include: Super Sonico, Yuri Kuma Arashi, Mirai Kuriyama, Karuta Roromiya and more.

Airi Cosplay Photo Gallery

Cosplay by Aira
Photographer: Crimson Blue
Yuri Kuma Arashi cosplay by airaPhotographer: Garam & Dallcosplay by aira
Photographer: Crimson Blue cosplay by aira
Photographer: Garam & Dall

cosplay by aira
Photographer: Crimson Blue

Super Sonico! cosplay by Aira
Photographer: Garam & Dall

Ririchiyo Shirakiin cosplay by Aira
Photographer: Crimson Blue Ririchiyo Shirakiin cosplay by Aira
Photographer: Crimson Blue officer aira costume
Photographer: Garam & Dall

Mirai Kuriyama cosplay costume by Aira nude cosplay aira
Photographer: Garam & Dall

Karuta Roromiya cosplay costume by Aira Aira photoshoot
Photographer: Garam & Dall

Hot Aira cosplay costume
Photographer: Garam & Dall

That’s all the cosplay we have for today. Airi is one really sexy and pure looking girl… I’ll be posting more Airi cosplay pics when she posts more.

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