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black cat lingerie shoot

Black Cat

Sydney Australia is where today’s hot cosplay girl comes from. She’s a beautiful tall blonde who has a great body for cosplay.

Jadababy in princess Leia costume


I’ve previously profiled Jada Garcia (who now goes by the nickname Jadababy) but she’s such an active cosplay I thought it was time to show off her latest…

Kotori Minami cosplay by Ahnim


Ahnim is so pure beauty in every sense. She has so much character in her face that every photo tells a different story, she’s…

Pokemon misty cosplay by Kalya Erin

Kayla Erin

Soooo cute! Is how I would describe Kayla Erin. She’s an Australian cosplayer from Canberra… which is kinda well known for being a really…

Busty Kato pic


Kato is a girl dedicated to the steampunk style, which is a mix between sci-fi, fantasy and the era of steam powered machines. Though…

Jessica Nigri Photo Gallery

Jessica Nigri (part 3)

Jessica Nigri is such a popular Cosplay girl I thought it was time for part 3 of my Jessica Nigri photo gallery. Though you should…

Sexy anime cop


HappyHaHa has the coolest name and the most professional looking cosplay costumes. She has a really sweet look and actually comes from Australia, which…

Dizzy from Guilty Gear cosplay

Hazu Nyan

Pretty, cute and likes to wear bikinis mixed with school uniforms… *drool*. Chilean cosplay girl Hazu Nyan has a selection of great photographers helping her…

Hisai Mio as Mayoko Okino

Hisai Mio

Now this Taiwanese cosplay girl is League of Legends mad, she has incredibly impressive costumes for Katarina, Ahri, Janna, Irelia, Caitlyn and Miss Fortune……

alice in wonderland scary

Halloween Cosplay

The 31st of October is when beautiful girls around the world (though lets be honest, mainly America) dress up in hot and sexy Halloween…

Sheryl Nome cosplay by Koyuki Yukihime

Koyuki Yukihime

That, hot cosplay girl Koyuki Yukihime shows off such impressive underboob I just had to feature her. The cosplay costume I’m talking about is her…