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Midori Kanda super cute

Midori Kanda – Part 2

Midori Kanda, so nice I had to feature her twice, but she’s just such a damn hot cosplay girl. Seriously, just check out the Midori…

Midori Kanda as fate stay night iv

Midori Kanda – Part 1

Midori Kanda has a cuteness level of 10. All her photos are super polished and pure and very pretty. She’s also very good at…

hot cosplay girl Yuki Mashiro

Yuki Mashiro

I wasn’t too enticed by Yuki Mashiro’s cosplay photos when I first looked at them, but when I started delving into her backlog of photoshoots,…

Cosplay girl Tomia


I’m awfully intrigued by the South Korean cosplay girl Tomia, her face is mesmerizing and her eyes stare right into your soul… I know…

Ekiholic dressed in Shiro Cosplay Costume


A South Korean girl with one of the cutest faces I’ve ever seen, Ekiholic is one seriously sweet cosplay girl. Her 2 favorite social…

Saku Ayaka in hot costume

Saku Ayaka

Saku Ayaka is what I like to call a ‘cleavage specialist’. She makes incredibly accurate cosplay costumes and adds in some hot cleavage for…

Rinami in Honma Meiko cosplay costume


Rinami is another girl with a presence on the cos-rain website, which always tells you 2 things: all her cosplay pics will be super…

Necoco on the bed


It’s a tough job sometimes, and by that I mean fantastic and exhausting. Today I searched through over 3,000 of Necoco’s pics to find…

Kagune dressed as Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid

Kagune – Part 2

It’s time for part 2 of my tribute to the beautiful cosplay girl from Japan: Kagune. You can check out part 1 for even…


Kagune – Part 1

The hotness of the Japanese cosplay girl Kagune is incredible, every photo she takes is so pretty and impressive, so that’s why I’m only…

Umi Kani dressed in Juliet Starling cosplay from the game Lollipop Chainsaw

Umi Kani

Umi Kani is one super-hot Chilean cosplay girl. All her photos are bright, crisp and colorful, and really show her off in the best light….

Dizzy from Guilty Gear cosplay video

Guilty Gear Cosplay

It’s time to step into the wonderful world of cleavage with this really cool Guilty Gear cosplay costume. The character is called Dizzy and…