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Hidori Rose cosplaying as Mei from Overwatch

Hidori Rose

Hidori recently came to my attention with her stunning, cute and very “”ero-cosplay version of Rias Gremory in High School DxD (view some of the…

D-Va from Overwatch

Holly Wolf

Guys and Girls, introducing Holly Wolf! A blonde bombshell (man, that’s such a cliche term…) who’s modelled for FHM, Maxim and everyone’s favorite; Playboy!

Tniwe Duff Girl


Russian, busty, beautiful… need I say more? Tniwe is an amazing, high quality cosplayer.

Posion Ivy cosplay


The lovely Vavalika has given me the Okay to publish her pics and I’m ecstatic! As she’s slim, Russian, toned and with long legs…

Haruna of Kantai Collection cosplay by Seven Baby

Seven Baby

Woah, now this is some impressive cosplay, Seven Baby makes for one really perfect Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters… her other cosplay is just…

Saber alter from Fatestay night

Jean WanWan

I thought I knew all of the most beautiful cosplayers in the world… I was mistaken.

Jessica Beppler in lingerie

Jessica Beppler

Jessica Beppler is a girl your parents wouldn’t be very approving of… she’s covered head to toe in tattoos and really flaunts her sexuality……

Shimakazea from Kantai Collection4 by Miu


Cuteness and light, she’s everything that’s right about cosplaying. Meet Miu.

Ryuko from Kill La Kill cosplay by Giu Hellsing

Giu Hellsing

Giu is one very, very busy cosplay creator, it seems like she has a thousand outfits and they’re all impressive.

Fuji Yuu cosplay of Scathach

Fuji Yuu

Cuteness multiplied is how I would describe Fuji Yuu.  She’s a sweet Vietnamese girl who looks great in a cosplay style bikini.