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Monica Wos in her underwear

Monica Wos

Vietnamese, 23 year old student Monica Wos has a real talent for cosplay design. She is also good friends with a lot of great photographers,…

Miridah cosplay photo gallery


Costume maker, doll collector and anime fan, Marirah is a hot cosplay girl with a face of pure innocence.  She’s all over the internet…

Mary Kate Wiles in mermaid cosplay bikini

Mary Kate Wiles

This is a mini cosplay gallery today, Mary Kate Wiles is a truly cute and beautiful redhead who is an aspiring actress and deserves some…

hot Lara Croft cosplay costume

Liz Katz

Model, gamer, actress and hot cosplay girl; Liz Katz takes her cosplaying very seriously, she has her own website and even a merchandise store,…

Jaina Proudmoore cosplay from World of Warcraft

Natasha Firsakova

Russian cosplay is fairly unknown around the world, but there are lots of beautiful Russian cosplayers, they even have their own cosplay conventions, plus the World…

Kanda Laam inNeko cosplay

Kanda Laam

Hot cosplay girl Kanda Laam is one of the most popular girls on World Cosplay, her Morgiana from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic cosplay costume is…

Sword Art Online cosplay costume by Ely


Taiwanese girl Ely is the perfect cosplay girl, she’s beautiful, cute, makes incredibly realistic cosplay costumes and has a talented photographer. It’s a combination that…

Alice in Wonderland cosplay by Kat Steel

Kat Steel

Presenter, model and voice actress, Kat Steel (known as BelleEtoile on Deviantart) is a girl with many talents but the one I’m the biggest fan of…

shadow lady manga costume by Aura Rinoa

Aura Rinoa

Aura Rinoa has been cosplaying for 11 years! She’s an Italian girl, 28 and a freelance designer and she’s put those design skills to…

Meg Turney in Princess Leia cosplay costume

Meg Turney

I have no idea why I’ve never heard of this cosplay girl before, Californian gamer, anime fan and red-head Meg Turney is a hugely…

hot cosplay girl kibashi lying down


Well hello there Kibashi, you really are one incredibly hot cosplay girl. Kibashi is another Japanese cosplay girl with a heavy presence online, she…

Miyo in hot Catherine cosplay


Hot cosplay girl MiYo is a Korean girl with an incredible skill. She makes truly impressive cosplay costumes many of which exude a real sensuality….